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Black Media Production has been making films since 2009 independently. We have taken part in creating several corporate image films, event videos, commercials, television programs, documentaries and feature short films.

Our crew members all have great experience in different fields of film production. The word “impossible” is unknown for us. Focusing on our customers’ needs, in close co-operation, we provide cost-effective solutions. We undertake the whole production process, or we can assist in part tasks, as well. We never content ourselves with poor quality, neither in implementation, nor in production.

Black Media Team makes the perfect film for you:

Zsolt Fekete

Managing director / producer

As founder of Black Media Production, I have gained over a decade of experience in creating television programs, commercials, feature short films and documentaries; this is what I harness in all my tasks. I love challenge and order. I believe, in co-operation with our customers we can find the best solutions for each situation while optimizing the value. IMDB

Mihály Bankó

Post production / VFX supervisor

It is the passion for work that suddenly makes the impossible possible. Sometimes it is a real challange to visually illustrate the customers’ imaginations. On the other hand, constant improvement is also necessary in this field, otherwise we realize the world passing by us.

Gábor Ilisz

Production co-ordinator

I have worked in production crews of several television productions for over 20 years (eg. Mokka – TV2) and I have learnt how to react fast and flexibly to all given situations. It’s like in soccer: to score, all circumstances must be harmonized in the team and keep the focus on reaching the goals.

Gergely Gottscháll


I like creative visual solutions, details mean a lot to me, as they make the everyday life complete, they create the balance in all areas. As senior student at HSC and a member of this excellent team I have had the chance to take part in several feature shorts and television series (eg. Terápia, Aranyélet – HBO; Thread). IMDB


Zoltán Szakács


As the regular editor of the documentary-series Oral History (made in association with the Committee of National Rememberance) I put a premium on systematically observing the eras and thoughts, and providing a visual appearance to them. Everything has a place and time. I have developed a love for these systems and machines through my experience in the field of logistics.


Corporate image films

You can simply and spectacularly present the major services of your company with the help of a corporate image film.

We examine your needs, we write a script, we shoot and edit the film with music and voiceover, as you wish.

A corporate image film is an inevitable part of your corporate image, an ideal tool to present your company in 1-3 minutes on your website or at expos.

We can offer you several package deals to make your choice easier!

Event videos

Capturing the best and most important moments in the highest quality. The living reference.

It is useful to capture all crucial moments when planning your event, so that later you can combine it with your corporate image elements and use it the most various ways.

You can present it on your website or forward it in a newsletter to your customers or colleagues.

In short, you can use the film for reference and representational purposes, as well. We will help you!

Take a look at our package deals now!


It is not enough to be good or even the best at something; it is essential that others also know about it.

Commercials are nowadays the basis for the advertising market. They make communication a positive experience. A good commercial is ingenious, awareness-raising,  short, unique, stylish, memorable…

A good commercial maker is creative, innovative, co-operative, well-organized and offers solutions for everything. Both the shooting and the film become pleasure…

We make our commercials in co-operation with SYSPLEX Film, who offer the highest quality service with over 10 years of experience in national television and Internet commercials.
You can find further information about the production process here.

The number of creating and utilizing areas is unlimited.

We also handle this flexibly. This is why we don’t have a package deal.

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